Don’t let your Dog Eat these Toxic Foods

Methylxanthines inhibit these sleepy feelings and act as stimulants. Act fast – your dog should be treated for chocolate poisoning as soon as possible to ensure the best possible recovery. So, what should you do if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate? If you suspect your dog has consumed chocolate, you should consult a veterinarian right away. If your dog ate an unknown amount of chocolate; is exhibiting symptoms; is pregnant (theobromine can cross the placenta and affect the puppy); or has other health complications, you should take them to a vet right away. I strongly recommend that if your dog has eaten any chocolate at all, that you get him to your own veterinarian or a 24 hour emergency pet hospital right away rather than ‘guess’ whether or not he’s going to be okay. Chocolate products that are 100% cocoa, such as cocoa powder and unsweetened baking chocolate, can be the most deadly to pets. With up to 32 mg of theobromine per gram, cocoa bean mulch can be a more potent source of theobromine than even pure unsweetened baking chocolate. The first column shows the chocolate type; the second column shows the toxic dose per pound of body weight; the third and fourth columns tell you approximately how much chocolate a 10-pound dog and a 20-pound dog has to eat to get sick, respectively.

Gastric decontamination. The first step is to empty the stomach (if the ingestion was recent enough). Symptoms may not develop until up to two hours after ingestion, but veterinarian anti-chocolate treatments are most effective if performed as soon as possible after ingestion. These two chemicals are, structurally, almost identical, and both belong to a group of chemicals called methylxanthines. Next, a vet will administer activated charcoal, a finely powdered material capable of binding a variety of drugs and chemicals. Chocolate contains a class of chemicals known as methylxanthines (specifically caffeine and theobromine). If you ask a dog owner what dogs cannot eat, they’ll list some foods like onions, garlic, rhubarb, grapes and chocolate. It’s easy to see, when you start playing with the numbers, how so many dogs can eat chocolate-containing foods and be totally fine. If chocolate is so bad for dogs, why are these candy-consuming canines fine? If your dog ate a small amount of chocolate such as a few M&Ms, it is unlikely they will experience any severe symptoms. While they’re in the blood, methylxanthines have a few effects.

Despite our best efforts, it is normal to let your guard down once in a while and discover that your pet has ripped open a bag of your favorite chocolate candy. We all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs and that we need to take steps to avoid accidents, but it still happens, and these accidents will continue. I cannot financially afford to take her to the vet. The next step to do after your dog has eaten chocolate is to quickly check for signs of chocolate poisoning before you call the vet. The vet might tell you to stay home and give you tips to help your dog out, or they might recommend bringing the dog in to be seen. Always keep on hand 3% hydrogen peroxide which will help the dog induce vomiting. If vomiting does not occur, you may have no other recourse but to use 3% hydrogen peroxide.

More serious treatment and overnight care may be required in severe cases. They both helped raise sheep and took care of them. Activated charcoal is most effective if given immediately after ingestion of the toxin and is usually given by mixing it with wet dog food (beware: it will turn your dog’s poop black). A median lethal dose (LD50) is the dose of a toxin required to kill half of a sample population. My dog ate less than half of a chocolate cake cup from Pats. This will depend on a number of factors such as the body weight of your dog and the amount and type of chocolate ingested. Dr. Liff tells us that the type of chocolate your dog eats makes a big difference. Signs and symptoms of chocolate tea tree oil poisoning in dogs are most commonly seen within hours after the dog ate chocolate. What are symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs? You can see my results in the chart below and can replicate my calculations easily using one of the online chocolate toxicity calculators.

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