Why Choose Us?

Creative pack international is a food
packaging and disposable products pioneer
in Sultanate of Oman, the company first
established in 2017, the Omani based
company engages in manufacturing,
marketing, and distribution of wide variety in
packaging and disposable products and
The headquarters is located in AlGhubrah,
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and the second
branch which serves retail selling is located in
AlKhoudh,Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, the
company looks forward to expand
throughout different areas in the Sultanate in
the upcoming years ahead.
Creative Pack looks into different ranges and
varieties of Items and products, from paper
range to plastic, foam, Aluminum, Food
grade and most importantly Eco friendly
Range. As a company we look forward to
provide the widest variety of items for our
partners in success-clients-and provide the
best quality.
Creative pack international works aligned
with different sectors, food, drinks, consumer
goods, governmental and private sectors
and much more. The company also focuses
on individuals who request packaging
designs within disposable products varieties
to be exclusive in their startups and initiatives.
Our power team is always here for your
service, we provide services in packaging
and designing too, never hesitate to contact
our customer service therefore we offer
consultation with sales and design team pre
ordering to help our clients to visualize and be
certain of their needs within the budget.
Without our partners in success-clients- we
couldn’t have been the company we are
today, therefore we have a set of goals that
we always demand per each session from
quality, customer service and timing.